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The floristry business has a significant market in the corporate and social event world, as flowers play a large part in the decor of special events and meetings

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Wow, simply amazing what a wonderful journey to the Register office in Chelmsford, We simply glided along in style, I really felt like The Queen for the day! Afterwards we were chauffeured to the reception and it was a beautiful experience.

Lucy & Tom
Lucy & Sam

We were extremely excited, but everything was even more that we hoped for! The Chauffeur was precise and stayed the whole day. Later took us to the airport to head of our honeymoon. Highly Recommend James

Kelly & Brandon
Kelly & Brandon

What a beautiful classic car, it made arriving at the Church such an occasion. I have told all our friends and they will be sharing the same stylishness I got on the way to the church. Thank you.

Melissa & Ryan
Melissa & Ryan

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Pamela Jones
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  • Bridal Bouquets
  • Bridesmaids’ Bouquets
  • Corsages
  • Boutonnieres
from $399.00
Ceremony+ Bouquets
  • Bride’s & Bridemaids’ Bouquets
  • Corsages & Boutonnieres
  • Ceremony Main Altar
  • Aisle Pew Markers
from $799.00
Full Package
  • Bride’s & Bridemaids’ Bouquets
  • Corsages & Boutonnieres
  • Ceremony Decoration
  • Tables & Cake Decoration
from $999.00

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